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High Yield Solutions Corp. collaborated with some of  the largest pre-roll manufacturers in North America to provide a shredder that delivers a customized cut and desired particle size needed for pre-rolls or cones. Shred pre-roll shredder. The High Yield Solutions HY-RollerTM operates in a small footprint and offers a high-tolerance, dual shaft design providing a consistent cut every batch.


The shredder also offers a variable speed drive to dial in particle sizing from strain to strain. Stickier strains are no problem and no longer need to impact the yield. Save hours of labor-intensive grinding and achieve exceptional quality. A single operator may process up to

100 lbs per hour. The HY-Roller’s cutting heads are easily removable to improve cleaning capabilities and simplify maintenance.


Cutting heads can also be switched at a moment’s notice to reduce strain cross contamination and costly down time. The shredded product is consistent for an exceptional pre-roll or cone product.

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CUTTER MATERIAL - Laser cut stainless steel for maximum precision and durability

DRIVE - Variable speed drive train ensures consistent particle size between batches

CUTTING HEAD - Stainless steel construction allows for full submersion in cleaning solution

FINISH - MAINTENANCE - User friendly with easy access covers and removable cutter head for cleaning


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