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HY-Reaper™ hemp processing solutions feature Plant Muncher™ shredders. These systems can to aid in separation prior to drying or extraction processes. As opposed to other forms of shredding HY-Reaper processing systems provide gentle processing solutions preserve your high-yield Cannabinoids, Trichomes and Terpenes allowing you produce high quality product.

  • Industrial Hemp Shredders can be built to from 1-400HP

  • Throughput available from 100 pounds to 10,000 pounds per hour

  •  CBD extraction

  • On-Site or mobile applications for drying

  • Shred whole plants to desired uniform size for drying

  • Separate biomass from stalk

  • Custom design to your application

  • Vibratory, in-feed and discharge conveyors also available

  • All equipment available in stainless


With specially designed or quick ship HY-Reaper™ processing equipment from High Yield Solutions Corp., we can help you convey, shred, separate, sort and repeat. Reach out today to speak to our industry educated team to learn how HY-Reaper™ processing equipment can work for you.

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